Couple Retreats

Cornelia logo3Whether you are married, engaged, beginning a new relationship, or in a committed partnership (gay or straight), you will learn how to become each other’s best friend, and how to create a relationship that is safe, passionate, and long lasting. This workshop teaches you skills not only for transforming your marriage/partnership, but also for creating stronger connections with your kids, extended family and colleagues. The more couples learn to apply these skills to all of their relationships, the more and easier it will be for our communities to become more vibrant, and more pulsating with life.

Whatever stage your relationship is in, the Couple Retreat will:

  • Help you and your partner re-establish real communication
  • Transform your frustrations into vehicles for change
  • Give you insight in where you get stuck as a couple in an effort to protect yourself
  • Help you to prioritize your relationship (especially when kids and work can be so demanding!)
  • Increase the love and passion in your relationship
  • Inspire you to experience the beauty of connection.

This workshop is designed to create a safe and comfortable environment for all participants. You will work alone or with your partner and will not be required to share anything with the rest of the group. Confidentiality is respected and preserved throughout the workshop.

Who Should Attend:

  • All couples, at all stages of their relationships, including:
  • Couples undecided about staying together
  • Couples moving toward divorce or who are already separated and want to know if it is worth putting any energy into saving the relationship
  • Couples in the early stages of a relationship and are looking at the possibility of marriage or a deeper commitment in their relationship
  • Couples preparing for marriage, or for persons who have been married before and wish to learn how to avoid repeating past mistakes
  • Couples who feel “stuck” or stagnant in their relationship and want to renew the intimacy with their partner
  • Couples who want to make a “good” relationship even richer and more fulfilling
  • Couples who wish to create a better climate for the development of their children
Give yourself the treat of tasting the sweetness of reconnecting with your partner, 
in a way that you dreamt about and wished for, 
but did not think possible.

Workshop Tuition:

  • R6700 per couple.
  • R3700 deposit required to register.

Your tuition includes:Young couple talking outdoor

  • registration fees for two people
  • a workbook
  • refreshment break each afternoon
  • Lunch, dinner or cost of the hotel are not included.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Your tuition will be refunded minus R1000 which may be applied towards any future workshop.

Couple Retreat Schedule:

Dates for 2022 – To still be determined
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • 7:45am – Continental Breakfast (Workshop begins Friday Morning)
  • 8:30am – Workshop Begins
  • 6:30pm – Workshop Ends
  • There are 15 minute breaks approximately every one-and-a-half (1.5) hours
  • There is a one hour break for lunch at approximately 1:00pm
Hotel / Lodge
  • Although not required, we strongly recommend staying at the hotel / lodge where the retreat is being held… even if you live locally. The workshop is highly experiential and couples who live locally report they wish they would have stayed at the hotel / lodge to experience the “retreat” atmosphere being together for the entire weekend.

 Please contact the Practice hereSenior couple relaxing together in park

if you would like to register

for one of the 2022 Couple Retreats

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