Date nights and days

Dates are harder to make happen than we’d like to admit. There’s the challenge of prioritizing it enough to get it on the calendar, and then actually figuring out all the details and logistics, like finding a sitter.

Another challenge is deciding what to actually do! If you’ve been with your partner for any length of time, you know that dates can easily feel redundant and routine. You make the time to connect, but what if that connection time just feels like a rinse-and-repeat from the week prior? How can you spice up those dates you work so hard incorporate in your marriage?

Do something different! That’s the easiest way to make dates feel like something special and exciting. But we get it – thinking of date ideas is like adding one more task to that list of things you have to do to make it happen. Good news! We’ve got 25 date ideas for you – conveniently categorized into five different types to try!

Date Nights

  1. Take a cooking class and learn how to make your new favorite meal together.
  2. Watch the sunset and spend some time stargazing.
  3. Visit a local brewery or distillery and enjoy a drink while playing a board game together – a little competition can be fun!
  4. Tour your neighborhood by visiting local restaurants – start with an appetizer at one, main course at another, and find your way to a third spot for something sweet. 
  5. Take an online relationship assessment like Couple Checkup to learn more about each other and your relationship. Purchase the Discussion Guide for Couples to go through your results together. Bonus idea: Ask another couple to take the assessment, then get together for a double date to discuss your experiences.

Day Dates

  1. Meet up with each other for a midday date at your favorite lunch spot.
  2. Start your day with an early date over coffee and breakfast.
  3. Take the afternoon off work and go to a matinee movie together before heading home for the evening.
  4. Seek out a farmer’s market and source some local produce and homemade goods. 
  5. Explore a new neighborhood. Maybe there is an area of your city you haven’t visited, or maybe take a short road trip to visit a hidden small town.

Budget-Friendly Dates

  1. Challenge yourselves to find a gift for each other under R100 at a thrift store or flea market.
  2. Find that gift card you got from your aunt last holiday season, yes, the one tucked in the back of your wallet, and let your aunt kindly treat you on your next date.
  3. Volunteer together! Find a cause you both are passionate about and dedicate your next date to serving your community.
  4. Check out a free or cheap museum or art gallery. Sometimes you can find coupons online or through your local library. Some museums and art galleries may even be donation only, so in that case, donate what you can.
  5. Walk through a nature preserve or arboretum – these are usually free or have a minimal entrance fee. While you’re there, quiz each other on which plants are which or who can spot some wildlife first! 

At-Home Dates

  1. Make some art together – order a paint kit online or find a craft on Pinterest. Tackle the project together to make something beautiful for your home.
  2. Put your minds together and work on a puzzle – if you don’t finish it in one date, come back to it next time.  It can be the date idea that keeps on giving.
  3. Throw yourselves a tasting event – pick something you both love, maybe wine and cheese or something less sophisticated like root beer and cheez-its. Just have fun with it and taste new flavors, rate your favorites, and compare notes!
  4. Pamper each other – create a spa experience and focus on things you both love. Maybe one of you needs a foot rub while the other needs a back massage. Take the time to make it a full pampering experience with candles and soothing music to set the scene.
  5. Have a movie marathon – pick out a series you haven’t watched together and binge it. Don’t forget to pop the popcorn!

Active Dates

  1. Try a new workout class together at your local gym or community center.
  2. Take advantage of nice weather and get outside for a walk or hike, or for the more adventurous couples, kayak or snowshoe.
  3. Fly a kite or throw a ball around, do something active with your partner that you loved to do when you were a kid.
  4. Go mini-golfing, or real golfing if that’s your thing, to get out and do a leisurely activity together.
  5. Take another cue from your childhood and go bowling!

If you’re still stuck and need more inspiration, try looking up ideas on Pinterest or even having a brainstorm with your partner. Set a timer for five minutes and see who can write down the most ideas. In an effort to not lose any good ideas, we’d recommend writing them down, or do something extra crafty and put each idea on a scrap of paper and tuck them in a jar to draw one out each time you need some date inspiration. Share your favorite creative date idea below!

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