Personal Growth in Relationships

happy lady with flooring solutionThis workshop invites participants to see themselves through the lens of past and/or present relationships, to own their contribution to the good, the bad and the ugly and to develop new skills for a new future. This dynamic and insight-provoking workshop was created for Singles but is also of great value to those already in a relationship they want to keep or to improve. Read more





Couples-happy-2Prepare for your marriage and not only your wedding… Read more






Baby now makes three…


Adjustment... Life... breath of fresh air

In a study of over 1,300 children and families it was found that women in stormy marriages ran a 237% greater risk of bearing a psychologically or physically damaged child in comparison to women in secure, nurturing relationships. Unhappy marriages produce infants who were five times more fearful and jumpy. At ages four and five, they were undersized, timid and emotionally dependent. Long-term emotional distress also leads to the release of stress hormones into the fetus. Some believe this contributes to a damaged fight-or-flight stress response. How the child experiences the womb, friendly or hostile, can create life long personality and character predispositions.

Therefore I am passionate about preparing parents for the impact of children on their marriage and equipping them to maintain a connected and intimate relationship.  Read more.



Couplehood and Marriage enrichment






Blended Families


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